Yoga Types

Yoga Type Summaries

  • Integrated Yoga
    • “Integrated Yoga is a free form yoga style that is great for increasing flexibility. It includes spine warmers (namaskars), and variations on poses such as laterals, twists, asymmetries, and partial postures in order to access all the parts of the body and leave the student feeling unblocked and free.”
  • Traditional Hatha Yoga
    • “Traditional surya namaskar (sun salute), sat karmas, traditional asanas in alignment, primary dristis, and savasana.”
  • Power Yoga (and Ashtanga Vinyasa Kramaji)
    • “Dynamic, challenging yoga sequences designed to tire, stretch, and strengthen the body, increasing stamina, energetic discharges and peak poses, cool down, and final savasana.”
  • Choreo Yoga
    • “Choreo Yoga is a yoga method for the modern person that is a style of Integrated Yoga. It has its own technique of timing, passages, links, aesthetic asana, mudra (gesture), gaze, energy control, introspection, and meditation.”
  • Yogatherapy (Emotional & Spiritual)
    • “Yogatherapy includes restfulness, gentle & pleasant stretches, and swara yoga (yogic breaths), leaving the body restored and the feelings and emotions soothed.”
  • Raja Yoga (Yoga of the Mind)
    • “Seated pranayamas, relaxations and little asanas to prepare the modern body for meditation; silent, seated, classical meditation in groups.”